Power Elites

Organizer: Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM. S.A. (CEM)
Co-organizers: The Chinese Educators Association of Macau
General Association of Chinese Students of Macao
1. Objective: Through electing Power Elites, the concept of energy conservation and green knowledge can be permeated in Macau’s campuses, in a bid to educate the next generation about electricity knowledge and help them develop a good habit in utilizing electricity, to create a sustainable future.
2. Theme: The program aims to nurture youngsters to develop good electricity usage and energy conservation habits. By enhancing their electricity knowledge, interest, and correct concepts on energy saving and environmental protection, they will protect Macau’s social environment as they grow up. Activities include to learn about the power generation process at CEM, visit CEM’s infrastructures and facilities, learn about local power generation and the daily operation of engineers, as well as visit neighboring regions including Hong Kong and Mainland China, to broaden their horizons.
3. Entrants: -  Form 1 or Form 2 Macau full-time secondary school students;
-  Maximum 40 participants.
4. Activities: -  Different activities will be held in each quarter for one year to let entrants learn about knowledge related to electricity and environmental protection;
-  In the Oath-taking Ceremony, 40 entrants will be divided into 10 teams by the mean of draw for external visit;
-  Each entrant must submit a PowerPoint report in one month after the completion of the program to summarize what they have learnt and their feelings over the past year as well as to set goals for personal environmental protection in the future. The report must be no less than 15 slides, with content of either text (Chinese or English), short video or animation.
5. Certificates and Prizes: Certificates (all entrants with passed reports): they will receive Certificate of Completion.
Performance Excellence Award (5 winners): MOP2,000 cash prize and a Trophy, respectively.
Best Report Award (5 winners): MOP1,000 cash prize and a Commendation Certificate, respectively.
Best Teamwork Award (1 team): each member will receive Hong Kong Disneyland 1-day tickets with round-trip jetfoil tickets for two.
6. Criteria: Performance Excellence Award: during the program, entrants show a positive and proactive learning attitude, perform prominently in group activities, and being helpful.
Best Report Award:
-  Theme expression 40%
-  Content richness 20%
-  Creativity 20%
-  Visual impact 20%

Best Teamwork Award: team spirit and mutual cooperation has been played throughout all of the activities in order to achieve the objectives of each aspect and finish tasks efficiently.

7. Judging panel: The judging panel will consist of two representatives from co-organizers and one from CEM.
8. Application: School will nominate students to participate after collecting all applications. Each school is limited to submit 4 nominees. If total nominees exceed 40, final entrants will be selected drawing lots.
9. Deadline of submission: Schools must submit the nomination form to CEM by 13 October 2016 (Thursday) with one of the following methods:

- e-Submission:
• Fill out and email the nomination form to

- ­ In personal or post submission:
• Fill out and submit the nomination form to:
Estrada D. Maria II, Macau
Edifício CEM
Communication and Public Affairs Office

- ­ Nomination form can be downloaded below.
10. Program date: One activity will be organized in each quarter. Dates and times will be notified in due course.
11. Rules: - ­ Entrants must be F1 to F2 Macau full-time secondary school students, and must be nominated by schools. Individual application will not be accepted.
- ­ Entrants must participate in all scheduled activities and obey to the instructor’s commands. Entrants must comply with the gathering and dismissal times/venue. Entrants are not allowed to leave the arranged activity without authorization, otherwise he/she will be disqualified from the program and winnings. For special circumstances, entrants must inform instructors and obtain approval before leaving. ­- Entrants must obtain the consent of their parents or guardians, and submit the declaration form to take part in the field visits held by the organizer. The declaration form can be downloaded at
- ­ The organizer will purchase insurance for all the entrants who will go to field visits.
- ­ The activities will be rescheduled with dates notified in due course under the condition of typhoon signal no. 3 or above, or rainstorm warning.
- ­ All entrants must attend the Oath-taking, Graduation and Award Presentation Ceremony.
- ­ All personal information collected will be used for this program’s purposes only.
-  In case there are any defects regarding the rules, CEM has the right to make necessary amendments without prior notice.
- ­ In case of any dispute, CEM reserves the right to make the final decision.
12. Inquiry: Please visit or, or call 8393 1204.

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