Supply Quality

Unplanned Outage

What to do in case of supply interruption?

  • If the whole building or area is affected, there may be a supply interruption. We will restore your supply as soon as possible.

  • If there is a supply interruption at your home, but not at your neighbors, switch off all major electrical appliances. Then check the status of the main switch in your house. If it remains off, check the service circuit-breaker next to your meter. If it is at the off status, switch it on.

  • However, when the electricity supply at your home is in normal condition, do not arbitrarily switch off the circuit breaker next to the meter or interfere with the meter or electricity supply installation. If for any reasons you need to suspend the power supply at your home, please turn off the main switch.

  • If you have your supply back, the supply interruption might be due to overload. You may need to apply for an upgrade of subscribed demand (enlarge meter size).

  • If the service circuit-breaker is on but there is still no electricity supply, your installation may have a fault. You should consult an experienced electrician.

  • For whatever the reason causing the supply interruption, please call our Emergency Services at 2833 9922. Our Emergency Service Representatives will be happy to help you. Nevertheless, should a brownout/blackout happens, our telephone lines may be busy due to large volume of telephone calls coming in. Don’t worry! Our Emergency Team will take care of the problem and restore the power supply as soon as possible.


Safety tips for supply interruption

icon-flashlight.png Use flashlight instead of candle to avoid fire hazards;
icon-power.png Turn off all major electrical appliances like air-conditioner, water heater, etc.;
icon-switch.png Leave any lighting switch on at home so that you will know when the electricity supply has been restored.
icon-wire.png Don’t attempt to repair the electrical installation and/or appliance by yourself; you should always consult an experienced electrician.