Supply Quality

Planned Outage

To ensure the quality of electricity supply, CEM has to carry out maintenance and improvement works on a regular basis. During the works, we inevitably need to temporarily interrupt the electricity supply.


Prior Notice

CEM will distribute “Electricity Supply Interruption Notice” in advance to affected merchants or building management companies, or post at building entrances as well as publish in newspapers. Or you can always check if you are in the affected customer list online. 


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Advance preparation 

icon-power.png Turn off large appliances, such as water heater, air conditioner, etc. to prevent sudden increase in load when the power is restored.
icon-cook.png Ensure all heat-producing appliances, such as electric stove, oven, iron etc. are turned off to prevent fire hazard.
icon-fridge.png Keep your refrigerator door closed to protect food from deterioration.
icon-lock.png For electrical medical equipment users, arrange backup power in advance to avoid influence during power interruption.
icon-flashlight.png Prepare a portable flashlight with backup batteries.
icon-door.png Make sure electric doors can be manually opened during outage period.
icon-switch.png Reserve a light switch in “on” position, so you will know when the power is restored.
icon-wire.png For safety reasons, avoid touching or repairing any electrical parts during the power interruption period as power maybe resumed at any moment.

Turn off voltage-sensitive electrical equipment, e.g. computers, medical equipment, to avoid operation affected by voltage fluctuation when the power is restored.


Pay attention to the power outage notice posted in your building.