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Metering Installation Safety and Protection Guide

1. Metering Installation at Normal Condition


Single Phase Meter and MCB


Three Phase Meter and MCB

Security seals of meter installations guarantee the safety of electricity supply installation, and should always be properly sealed under all circumstances. Please contact our Info Line 2833 9911 immediately if you find the meter damaged or the seal missing, broken or open.

2. Responsibilities


Install, exchange, seal and inspect meter

  • Prior application for any change of meter location and related electrical installations is required to be submitted to CEM. Unauthorized alteration is prohibited.

  • Do not arbitrarily switch off CEM's circuit breaker or interfere with the meter and electricity supply installation when the meter operates in normal conditions.

  • Maintain metering installation and it's located area in a safe and clean condition.

  • Do not use meter box or room area for any other usage. Make sure it remains accessible for CEM’s crew to enter and inspect.

  • All unit owner, residents, tenants and building management committee are obliged to maintain the communal electrical installations in buildings. 

3. Safety Starts with You

icon-cross-red.png  Improper & Unsafe Conditions

Below are some conditions that largely affect the metering operation which may lead to electricity outage, and in the worst case, incidents like electric shock or fire hazard.


Meter room filled with objects blocking access for metering check and can easily catch fire


Termite damaging the meter box/panel and wiring

img-meter-5.jpg Broken meter cover


Rotten meter board


Non-display of reading due to circuit breaker next to the meter being switched off


Fallen meter board 

icon-tick-green.png  If any of the above situations are detected:

  1. Immediately employ experienced electrical contractors for repair.

  2. After repair, inform CEM for verification and sealing. 


icon-tick-green.png  Regular Check

In addition, regular check & maintenance of both in-house and communal electrical installations are important to enhance safety.

  1. Timely repair and replace the defective electrical installations.

  2. Employ experienced electrical contractors for performing regular check and maintenance. 

  3. Obtain the regular check and maintenance report from the electrical contractors.