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Understand My Bill

1. Mailing Information

Information for bill delivery.

2. Contract Number

Please refer to this number when contacting us about electricity supply or bill

3. Tariff Group

The tariff applied for energy consumed and subscribed demand (meter size)

4. Subscribed Demand

Maximum electric load available through the connection of supply as stated in the supply contract. If the subscribed demand has ever been changed in the same billing period, the column will display the latest one.

5. Deposit

Deposit paid according to the subscribed demand (meter size) value, as a security for any charges that may become payable related to your consumption charges.

6. Consumption Period

Previous and current meter reading dates and number of days of energy consumption

7. Next Reading Date

The schedule date for next meter reading.

8. Multi. Factor

Some meters only record a fraction of the energy consumed. Therefore, a multiplying factor is required to determine your actual electricity consumption.

9. Demand

Charge related to subscribed demand (meter size)

10. Consumption

Charge related to units of energy consumption with different unit price.

11. Tariff Clause Adjustment

Quarterly adjustment to reflect fluctuation in the cost of electricity generation and importation of the previous quarter.

12. Government Tax

Monthly tax payable for the use of electrical installation.

13. Odd Amount

For the convenience of customers, odd amount will be carried forward to your next bill. Total charges will be rounded down to the nearest ten.

14. Payment Due Date

Customer is required to settle the bill on or before the due date. For overdue payment, a late charge will be levied and transferred to next bill.

15. Total Due Amount

Total amount you have to pay

16. Autopay Information (Only applicable to autopay customers)

Shows the bank name and Autopay date.

17. Consumption Histogram

Diagram shows your energy consumption over the last 13 months and average monthly consumption.

18. Message

Important information related to the electricity supply service

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