Energy Supply

Terminate Power

Applicant [1]:

Must be the electricity supply contract holder/property owner


Required documents:

  1. ID copy of applicant [2] [3]
  2. Electricity bill


If the applicant is the current property owner, please also provide:

Copy of Property Registration Report [4] issued by CRPM (valid within three months)



Outstanding balance of the applied contract must be settled


Time elapsed:

Within three working days [5] [6]




[1] If applicant cannot apply in person, he/she may sign an authorization letter to authorize a representative to apply on his/her behalf.

[2] BIR, HK ID, PRC ID or Passports of different countries.

[3] If the applicant is a company/association, copy of business/association registration issued within the latest 3 months is required. Moreover, the Electricity Supply Contract has to be signed by the legal representative(s) with company/association chop.

[4] Copy of property transaction contract testimony by lawyer/Three-party contract/Housing Deed/Stamp duty (M1&M2) can be provided but is subject to approval.

[5] Refers to free access to the electrical installation.

[6] The applied premises should be vacant.